Rules & Regulations

The following rules and regulations will be enforced at all times by the staff and management of Skateland West.

  1. No smoking in the building
  2. No food (with the exception of a birthday cake) or beverage may be brought into the building
  3. No gum chewing is permitted
  4. No profanity, foul language or fighting
  5. No sitting on walls, counters or table tops
  6. No standing on stools
  7. You may not enter the lobby with skates on
  8. All skates must have toe stops and be laced to the top
  9. Children under the age of 18 must have skates on to remain in the building
  10. No skating backwards unless it is an "All Backwards Skate"
  11. No obscene dress is permitted
  12. No fast skating, hockey stops, chain skating, pushing, playing tag or stopping on the skating floor
  13. Any activity that endangers skaters' safety will not be allowed
  14. Skateland West is not responsible for lost articles. Coin operated lockers are .25 and are provided for the safe-keeping of all valuables
  15. No overnight storage is allowed in lockers.  Lost locker keys will result in a $5.00 charge
  16. All standards of social behavior and good taste are to be observed at all times
  17. No outside music may be brought into the building
  19. Everyone under the age of 18 MUST pay admission to enter the facility 
  20. The management reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone